fireman rescueNo one knows more about bouncing back from a disaster than the fine folks here in Calgary, Alberta.  There are two types of individuals who call this their home.

There are the ones who are directly impacted by an adverse event – such as the 2013 flood, the 2014 snowstorm and more recently, the outages in densely populated downtown area.  The second kind are the ones who step forward and lend their full support to those facing adversity.    Individuals in both categories are impacted by stress by either being in the midst of a disaster – or by feeling strong emotions for others in the situation.

Whichever camp you may be in and whatever service you are rendering to support those in need, there is a simple yet effective set of tools you can draw upon to amplify your resilience under adversity.   I invite you to take a few minutes each day and practice the following breath-based techniques to help build a resilient body and aid in developing a centered-perspective of the situation:

1. Place awareness around your heart area,
2. Take slow, deep breaths in and out (use a five-second count for each as a guide), and
3. Draw in a positive emotional feeling such as appreciation, love, kindness, etc.

The above approach, developed  the Institute of HeartMath, is called the Quick Coherence® (QC) technique . The science behind this is discussed in this article.
It is not logistically possible for everyone to jump in and help those in need. For those individuals, the Institute has developed another simple, yet effective approach called the Heart Lock-in® technique.  This technique builds on the QC technique by adding an additional step:
4. Flood your body with the feeling of positive emotions (from step 3) and then radiate that energy outward to those in need and those supporting them.

The science behind this additional step has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Bioelectromagnetic Medicine and  Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

The chart below is provided for further explanation of this approach.

frustration-appreciation psdThis chart is based on an electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement of an individual.  ECG is a measurement of the electrical signals in the heart that set its rhythm. The frequency components of ECG is provided for both emotional states – frustration and appreciation.

Notice how ordered the chart on the right is when compared to the chart on the left.  This is known as a ‘Coherent’ state.   Electrical pulsation begets a magnetic field which actually has been measured up to three feet beyond the body.   Essentially, a human being emanates a harmonious magnetic-field of various frequencies when feeling the emotions of appreciation, love , joy etc.  Conversely, a chaotic magnetic-field is present surrounding a human when experiencing frustration (similar results are derived with grief, anger and anxiety).   This is known as an ‘Incoherent’ state.

Studies have shown that a few individuals in a Coherent state can shift others into Coherence simply by their mere presence. This fact coupled with the notion that if a 100 individuals become Coherent and consciously project their attention to those affected by the disaster – a large magnetic field of compassion will be created and envelope them.  This will shift others into Coherence and help alleviate anxiety, stress and depression. This is the basis of the Global Coherence Initiative movement ( with over 60,000 members across the world (yours truly included).

So start practicing Heart Lock-In and join others in sending out the vibration and emotion of love and appreciation – you will not only lock them in to a Coherent state, but you will help build resilience within your own body (see article if you want to know more about how your biology changes with emotions).