poppyOn 11/11/1918 at 11:00 AM, the Armistice Agreement was signed signalling the end of the First World War.  Many countries including Canada and the United States observe this anniversary in silent remembrance of the fallen heroes.

On the days leading up to this milestone anniversary this year, we will see many individuals wearing the symbol of the poppy – a flower which grew over the graves of the fallen WW1 soldiers and a symbol immortalized by a Canadian Physician named  Lt. Col. John McRae in his poem – In Flanders Fields.

When we see the symbol of the poppy, it is a reminder for us to appreciate not only those who gave their lives while defending our freedom, but also those who continually place their lives at risk today.  We also salute the many men and women who have retired from the service and whom we fondly refer to as the Veterans.    And lastly – but certainly not the least in our thoughts and prayers – are the families of these brave service men and women who have had to endure the stress and anxiety associated with the deployment of their loved ones into active service duty.

Every day that we breathe the air of freedom, is a day gifted to us by these brave men and women who serve in the military.  Let us serve them by giving them the gift of the Heart.

The Heart’s Magnetic Influence

The Heart is a powerful carrier of emotion.  When many individuals focus their heart-centered emotions simultaneously, the resulting effect is profound.  Have you ever met another individual and immediately felt at ease or at peace?  Science tells us that an individual who experiences strong emotions unconsciously broadcasts this via the heart’s magnetic field.  This field has been measured in laboratories and extends up to at least three feet beyond the body (see the publication “The Science of Prayers” for an explanation).  Imagine the intensity of this broadcast when an entire country is focused with compassion-filled emotions and the resulting entanglement of not only the individual magnetic fields, but with the earth’s magnetic field which encompasses the entire globe!

It Only Takes 600 Canadians..

How many Canadians, focused in this way, does it take to shift the mass consciousness of the entire population of Canada? only 600!  In other words, 600 Canadians focused with heart-filled compassion will change the consciousness of the entire Country (see “The Science of Prayers” for a discussion).  For the Citizens of United States – a country with nearly ten times the population of Canada –  the number is 1800.

On November 11th at 11:00 AM you will have an opportunity to join others in your time zone and focus your compassion-filled heart towards alleviating the pain and suffering of families who have lost their children in service of their country, active service duty personnel, the Veterans as well as their families.  It is during this time that commonwealth nations stand still to honor these individuals. Every heart’s emotion will resonate the frequency of compassion, care and courage.  This is an opportunity to apply a powerful energetic broadcasting technique and transmit the message of the Heart to those who have served and who continue to serve their country.

How to Bestow a Gift of Heart

At precisely 11:00 AM in your time zone, from wherevegratitude-is-the-hearts-memory-1r you are, pause for five to fifteen minutes and take slow-deep breaths. Visualize these breaths flowing in and out of your heart while experiencing compassion for yourself first, then radiating that to men and women in the military service, the veterans and their families.

Let the collective broadcast of heart-filled compassion fill the hearts of military familychildren who have lost their parents in armed service.  Let it lighten the burden of sadness of mothers and fathers whose children have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Let it also fill the hearts of the nation to inspire them to support the many causes which serve their unique requirements.  We are truly indebted to these fine sons and daughters of the free world.

We can surely take fifteen minutes from our daily lives – the luxury we have because of the sacrifices made by so many – in remembrance of our heroes and their families. Lest we forget…

 About the Author

headshotShamir S. Ladhani, P.Eng., M.Eng., is a Professional Engineer and a Certified HeartMath™ Trainer. He is a seasoned senior manager, lecturer and workshop facilitator.  He has helped his clients increase their flow of income, improve their sleep and reduce the intensity of their emotions in the face of adversity.

After serving as a Vice-President of a dynamic and fast-paced energy company, Shamir decided to pursue his passion in the health and wellness industry and formed Panther Power Corporation in 2014. His motivation was fueled by how well his body responded to alternative healing methods in helping him eliminate his diabetes and hypertension prescribed medications. Today he is excited about sharing the amazing tools and techniques developed by the Institute of HeartMath especially because these are scientifically validated simple techniques with an amazing set of results for virtually all health maladies.

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