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Shamir is an international speaker, leadership trainer and a senior management consultant serving clients in the energy, non-profit, holistic and complementary health services industries. He specializes in change management and has helped CEOs and Business Owners grow their businesses, establish a solid strategy, enhance their relationships as well as create a robust tactical plan to achieve their personal and professional/business goals & objectives. He facilitates workshops aimed at developing leadership and self-regulation skills using HeartMath and Emotional Intelligence techniques and approaches. His approach is to focus on the individual's mindset and self-limiting behaviors before setting his clients to purpose on achieving their goals. Shamir received his graduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Calgary and has since held many senior-level positions, including as Vice-President of ENMAX Power Corporation and President of Panther Power Corporation. He served on numerous Boards of non-profit organizations specializing in delivering ethical and cultural education to youth. He is a two-time award-winning stage actor and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer (CEQ) as well as a HeartMath® Coach and Trainer.

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