See What Clients are Saying

“presentation hosted by Shamir Ladhani was very informative and gave me ideas on how to calm myself and perform more strongly”
Grant, Vice-President - Energy Corporation
“What a stellar way to start my day learning about Heartmath from Shamir Ladhani and the science behind the power of our heart. “
Tracy, Chestermere Area Networking Group Member
“Thank you very much Shamir for this powerful experience! in a very simple language you transmitted us this amazing information and practical exercises! “
Juan, Guatemala
“very engaged and intuitive with pulse and needs of the audience”
Robert Browning, HeartMath LLC, Healthcare
“Definitely inspired us, very passionate”
Tricia Hoffman, HeartMath LLC
“Shamir was amazing. This is going to change how I perform & deal with stress”
Rosemary, Performing Artist, Calgary, Alberta. Canada
“I’m bouncing out of the crappy feelings a lot faster with the breath work”
Candice, Screenwriter / Film Director
“Two nights in a row, slept unaided (without prescription medication) without really waking up”
Sheila, Chair, Board of Directors (Calgary, Alberta)
“I feel very calm right now. Today was a very stressful cortisol filled day and I feel this hour really helped relieve it”
Attendee, July 2015 Workshop
“Shamir helped show me how easy it can be to get control of your breathing, your heart, your emotions, thoughts so that ultimately you can regain control of your life as a whole”
Scott (Attendee, July 2015 Workshop),
“This will inspire further research for me for sure. I will integrate HeartMath concepts into my spiritual practice & teachings”
Attendee (July 2015 Workshop)
“I am feeling confident in my abilities to tackle my depression once and for all”
Iva C.
“Your words regarding my past relationship have made a incredible impact on myself last night and today! I am Grateful!!! “
Martin N
“Coming to this short yet very effective workshop showed me a technique to destress and focus on the good within!”
“It made me understand that we all are self-sufficient”
“Coming to this short yet very effective workshop showed me a technique to destress and focus on the good within!”
“I appreciate the opportunity to be exposed to a different way of thinking…  how to make changes in your work or personal life simply by opening your mind and considering another way to be”
Workshop Participant
“Shamir is so focused on each person that is sharing. He is a wonderful communicator – knows how to “Listen” – amazing”
Lauren Q.
“The Universe along with Mother Earth brought me to this group and this particular evening for very good reasons… To meet Shamir, along with his wisdom and to understand more about my own personal journey of the Heart”
Martin N
“The information he presented was not only clear, it was just what I needed to learn this day! Along with his other message he had for myself. I am very grateful for Shamir’s presentation for he has helped me find Peace of Mind!! Thank you Shamir!!”
Martin N.
“I got so much energy from positive people around me … I got so excited and got my passion back that I was going through bunch of stuff which I was holding back after I came back home.. and if there is another meeting coming up, I love to attend again, Shamir! Thanks for providing such a awesome meeting and thanks for your precious time to help us, Shamir!”
“Omg. I am obviously so stressed that I have shut my heart down so I do not have to feel. I had to leave to meeting and reflect before I realized what was happening. I shed some tears on the way home. I shall thank you for showing me this. I will practice with the heart and hopefully break the barrier and realize some way of dealing and healing.”
“I did the meditation for about 15 minutes just before lunch and I’m amazed at my energy and good mood this afternoon. Thanks for sharing!”
Amanda Lee
“It was a very informative session and interesting perspective on how the relationship between the heart, mind and breathing can have an impact on everyday stress levels”
“When we were hooked up to the heart rate monitor I was amazed at how quickly we could see the results. Now, I often find myself consciously focusing on my breathing to help relax myself especially in stressful situations”
“Useful informations and practical exercises, presented in an excellent manner.”
“Shamir is an enthusiastic and generous presenter and he uses his engineering knowledge to help us understand the science behind the effectiveness of HeartMath.”
“Shamir is a kind, knowledgeable and skillful presenter. His techniques helped me process an emotionally challenging time in my life bringing me peace of mind.”
Francis, workshop participant Oct 2016
“Thanks for the great session. I learned how to control my test anxiety in some degree. It will take some time and practice, but I am so thankful ..”
Cindy, workshop participant Sept. 2016
“If you apply even one of the techniques taught in this class you will be sure to notice changes and benefits in your life”
Mark, workshop participant Aug. 2016